President’s tax credit plan could mean opportunities for development.

While many people are concerned about the president’s commitment to environmental compliance, efforts are being made to expand the government’s involvement in 3P (public-private partnership) projects. These policies do have the potential to stimulate public development that could help revitalize our nation’s crumbling infrastructure and create economic opportunities both directly and in a residual way for our people here at home. 

As these projects begin entering the planning phase, it will be important for all government contractors to stay abreast of environmental regulation so that they can meet their construction deadlines in a timely manner and maintain their projects within the budgetary scope they’ve allotted for them. An ounce of environmental compliance is worth a metric ton of mitigation costs, and it is the role of environmental consulting firms to assist private developers in their navigation of regulatory policy. 

Sources: WTOP ArticleUS News and World Report, Fox Business


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