About Me

I am an environmental scientist working on transportation and infrastructure projects primarily in Ohio and Indiana.

My main interest in my professional life is to increase the areas of expertise I’m able to offer to our clients and to become more aware of regulatory issues involved in new construction projects in the United States so that I can better assist our clients in their goal of minimizing their regulatory risk exposure.

I have two years of experience with general environmental and ecological screenings, and have successfully coordinated several construction projects from the planning stages through to construction, assisting our clients with the initial site screening, the community notification and involvement requirements,  and the permitting process so their project could be completed on time and under budget while navigating the highly complicated world of local, state and federal regulatory compliance.

I am currently working as an environmental specialist and am training to become an ecologist. Whether you’re seeking guidance about regulatory compliance or you just want to learn more about environmental concerns in the United States and the regulatory environment of our country, it is my hope to develop this site into a resource for you.